The Pain

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

The pain 

There's pain in what I'm feeling


I love, I feel real love in something so unrevealing 

A feeling so unrehearsed, however so perverse

I'm sorry that I'm not sorry , even though it's all falling apart

My heart is breaking , slowly , piece by piece  

Minute by minute 

Causing me to seize 

But nothing , rather ,  no one -

Was there for me . 

You walk away when I need you most , 

Your back Is turned when I begged you close 

My eyes are hidden because they are swollen  , my heart has shriveled 

Because you are so cold with in 

Or is it , possibly me , maybe .

I love so deeply, to the core of my soul 

That I feel nothing but pain , so I hide so freely 

Behind such large teeth , and  define dimples

Where the truth of my broken heart you shall not see because I'm too afraid you will leave me 

I am more of coward that I can't leave a man, 

A man who clearly doesn't feel for me In return ,,

In return, there's a separation that's lies heavily between us

Where I am I and you are you and when we are we 

You are inside of me .. And even then , that is , all that that is 

And I lie broken, broken down .. Trying to gather the pieces of my heart of my soul , of my fucking sanity 

For I was once a victim , who lost her battles 

And regain her victory .. Of self love 

The pain 

The pain that I felt when a stranger forces his way into your soul , and steals your dignity, your rights and

values as a women.. There's real pain 

There is real pain , in the loss of yourself 

There's true mourning 

And when you regained your own life, and love 

And give it to man who shows you his back

There's pain. 

X E.marie

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