Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Naked series part 1

In my mind , I float

Admits all the black and grey clouds

Tossing and turning through all the confusion and deconstruction

Lost in the turmoil , and drowning in tears

I scatter - as the rain falls heavy on my thoughts

Thunder is so loud - fear arises

Lightening so bright - my vision it comprises

Blinded by the sight in-front of me

I fall down to my knees , trying to gather all the pieces

Hands trembling and shaking

as I try to put them together ,

to remember the good times

I crumble , Astray in my mind

unaligned and feeling forsaken

Take me back to the place

where the roses where red

and the violets turned blue

where love was more than a four letter word

Independent of its hue

Where Sun rose above the clouds

shining bright above me ,

casting away the dark shadows

scattering away , daring to be exposed.

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