Love Thy Alpha

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Love thy Alpha 

When you put your hands on my thighs 

My veins peek, dimples deep 

Oh my oh my tingle in my cheek

*deep breath*

I glance at you from a far , 

My minds fades deep in your reservoir 

My hand rotates up and down your body 

Your chest ; where it is all suppressed

Your eyes closed , naturally regress 

Baby how can I relieve your stress

Thy alpha I am obsessed

As It all manifest 

Blatantly behind my dark brown eyes 

Strong man , let my lips glide down your ridges of your arms

And your rib cages collapse, on top of mine

Let's not weaken your mind to undermine


The strength and beauty of her divine 

I Kiss you on your forehead 

To SHOW you instead 

I kiss you on your lips forever to treasure 

I kiss you on your neck forever to  pleasure 

Thy alpha I am in danger ,I am endangered

We are torn between the fire of our energies 

Innocent to one another's penitentiary 

Bath me in your oil 

Lather me in your potency 

Boastfully , I'll take every inch of you in with me 

Thy alpha , wrap my legs around your waist

Hands deep around your throat 

As I whisper in your ear 

.... c'est le temp.. (its time)

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