Hidden Smile

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Back story : it's so funny to think , you hear E.J. the first thing that comes to mind naturally is her smile ..

however , I , tend to hide behind my smile .. trying to break free from the hidden .. smile ..

Hidden smile

As she walks down the street,

Heads turn 

It's her smile you meet .. greet 

Smile so deep , from cheek to cheek 

Like a river flowing , skin tone glowing 

It's amazing to me 

How everything is showing 


Yet everything is unseen 

The cracks under her eyes , desperate and swollen 

Tears turn crust , her gasp stolen ..

Mastered the art of seduction 

Seducing all of her pain within

It's a true art of pure destruction 

Smile , baby Everyone is watching ! 

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