Updated: Jan 25, 2019

'I’m so used to be alone , I’m tired of caring '


I found peace in the dramatics of my own silence

In the quiet space between my flesh and bones

The charisma in my soul , desperately trying to escape

Falling so hard into a black hole of tenderly pain

Heartache , and confusion 

There’s a lack of confidence intertwined with violent rage of sacrifice


Bare the change , as the hole becomes deeper

And the hold latches on tighter 

As a flick of the finger let’s go 

And a single match turns into flames 

Burning down every bridge , connecting to that 

tiny space between 

Where the flesh withers away .. becoming nothing


But dark ashes .. that’ll be blown away .. 

slithering into that black hole.. where it never truly left ..

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Enolda J.
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