Find My Peace

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

In the night , in the crisp heat of the night 

Blinded by the street lights 

Deafened by the noise

Knees quivering , yet I'm still poised 

Trying to walk faster picking up the pace

Keeping my head down , down so they can't see my face 

I can't bare the looks , the stares the shame 

Because me , is who I blame 

I should have never went , should have never taken the risk 

Where are the caution signs 

Through all this mist

I am the enemy of my own heart we are no longer friends 

My mind worked against me 

As he took all the benefits 

As my eyes screamed with fear 

My silence spoke volumes 

But in the end there wasn't anyone to hear  

My senses stand strong and the memories don't go away

But I can only hope, I can only pray 

That I will find peace .. One day 

one day

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