Blank Mirrors

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Dear mind heart and all in part ..

Help me understand brain ..! 

What is an individual who's lost in her mind

Thoughts taking over , dark clouds no more sunshine 

Depths to her core , there's only pain and sadness

Surface , you would think madness 

But she smiles , spreading comfort 

Holding back her tears 

Queen of teeth clenching 

All it is , is discomfort

Back forth with herself causing deep tension

Bruised soul who loves so whole heartedly 

Chained up , bombarded with false promises 

False faces 

I , have been through the dirt


But you would never know 

I, want to scream because I have deeply hurt

I , have fallen to my knees .. again and again 

Trying to find a mense 

A way out , a way to forgive 

For him 

When all I want is to disappear 

You help me see things clear 

God dammit I'm so fucking tired of crying



Drowning ... man

Where the fuck is that horizon 

With the silver lining ,?! 

It must all be in my mind then 

Because surly I'm going blind man .. 

I see none of it .. balls of hope ..?

It's all garbage and .. 

fuck all of it xx I'm hurt 

And nobody can tell me nothing 

This is of my own truths 

Pain .. 

fuck I'll choose to be cool but know 

That I'm screaming fuck you and you 🖕🏾

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