naked series part 2

I had to take several deep breaths as I

detached my emotions from myself

I wanted to leave my body

I wanted to unravel from this bare existence

that left me feening for more of you

like an addicted, lost , without a way

My lungs constricted of air

as I wanted to scream and shout

as my airways become tighter

it all just becomes harder to bare

my hands wanting to strike , blow after blow

my feet wanting to release the tension of this demeaning grip

of the ground

so I can kick , harder , harder

but they fell so limp , weak

grasping , nothing

my heart is numb and fragile

connected by fragments

hardly surviving , the continuous beatdowns

My body I have failed

My body wants to want you

I know I don’t need you

Skin wants to wrap around you rough jagged edges , and smooth its way around

Soothing your aches , nourishing your every discomfort

Agonizing over the past few deep breaths

Having to take it all in

And do it all over again

skin , I beg that you catch my tears

absorb them in close , as they're are many that shall fall

As my backbone begins to take in all

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